The key ingredient missing from your sales training

Sales trainings cram fabulous techniques into intense trainings that last days or weeks. The content for WHAT to do is there. The HOW to do it is the missing ingredient and may contribute to why US companies spent nearly $91 billion on training last year. Trainings cover what to do in a sales situation repeatedly but fail to show trainees exactly how to implement the techniques.

HOW will my trainees remember all of this information?

HOW will they learn to apply this information?

HOW will they turn these techniques into habits that earn money?

The answer is simple and intuitive: video self-modeling (VSM) should be used to show your trainees using the techniques you taught them. These short videos (30 seconds to a few minutes) are carefully crafted and edited to show your trainees successfully using the techniques you taught them during training. Broken down into learnable chunks and watched every few days, VSM is the answer to extending your sales training efforts and turning it into profitable action. With nearly 50 years of supporting research in the fields of education, psychology, and behavior change, VSM is the perfect tool to apply to your sales trainings.

Root Success Solutions LLC is ready to work with your training staff to implement this cutting edge idea. We attend your trainings with your trainees and work early mornings into late evenings to ensure we capture the right footage without taking up valuable training session time. Contact us today at 860 – 389 – 8589 or to learn more.