What we do

Root Success Solutions maximizes human performance through video. We operate at the crossroads of psychology, neuroscience, human motivation, organizational development, and multimedia learning. Our emphasis is on:

Using video self-modeling to improve performance

Maximizing the effect of video-based tutorials to increase learning

Streamlining organizational structures to save time and money

Training others in all of the above, including through executive coaching.

We understand the human brain’s capacity to learn via video and advise organizations on how to craft their video trainings to optimize human learning.   

Our mission

Started by an educational psychologist with a passion for positive psychology, our mission is to:

Maximize human performance

Increase quality of life

Spread use of video self-modeling worldwide

How we do it

We contract with organizations to provide:

Analysis and streamlining of organizational structure and procedures to save time and money

Guidance on video-based learning products, such as how-to training videos about a company’s products

Direct service using video self-modeling to improve individual performance across all ages and ability levels

Trainings to groups of up to 200 on how to complete video self-modeling, how to maximize human learning through video, how to encourage independence in students, and how to improve human performance with state-of-the-art science

All of our services are based on current science and follow best practices for delivery of services. 

Our clients

Some of our recent clients  with whom we’re proud to work include:

The United States Navy

General Dynamics – Electric Boat

Regional Professional Development Group of Southeastern CT


Ledyard Public Schools

For a complete list of clients, please see our Clients page. 

Video self-modeling

Video self-modeling

Root Success Solutions™ is dedicated to spreading use of video self-modeling (VSM) worldwide. VSM is a way to improve yourself quickly through video. Each video shows you yourself doing any skill you want to improve.  All errors are removed, so you only look successful. Videos are usually 30 seconds to a minute or two long and are watched every 1-2 days. Most people start to improve within 1-3 viewings. We intend to spread video self-modeling worldwide through professional trainings, direct service, and innovative applications in new industries. 

Video self-modeling works for almost all ages and abilities. This is a short list of some behaviors improved with video self-modeling. 



Behavior problems



Healthy habits


Life skills

Public speaking skills

Sales pitches


Social skills

Speech skills

Sports skills


Teaching skills

VSM facts

Below are some fast facts about video self-modeling. VSM is:

  • Individualized – you are your own learning model
  • Positive – videos only show successful behaviors
  • Shame-free – all errors are edited out
  • Proven – almost 50 years of research supports this tool
  • Fast – most change happens within a few viewings
  • Effective – works across almost all ages and developmental levels

Video self-modeling examples

These are examples of video self-modeling for school-based learning. This first video is an overview of how to use video self-modeling with children. Notice how the videos are not complicated nor are they of Hollywood quality. They are simple videos created by teachers, speech language pathologists, school psychologists, and physical therapists who work directly with children. High quality production is not necessary in order to make fast, lasting change in behavior.

Video self-modeling works equally well with and has many applications for adults, including for sales pitches, teaching skills,  and public speaking.

This is an example of using video self-modeling to teach communication with an alternative communication device.

This shows how to teach a child to answer “What” questions.

Video self-modeling can also teach a child to raise their hand to answer questions in class.

Video self-modeling helped this child eat a variety of foods.


Our clients

We are proud to work with the following organizations:

ARC Connecticut

Autism Parenting Magazine

Berlin Public Schools

BWX Technologies, Inc. 
CT Children’s Medical Center
Connecticut College
General Dynamics – Electric Boat

Institute of Living at Hartford Hospital (Webb Schools)
Ledyard Public Schools
Middlesex Transition Academy
New London Public Schools

Professional Development of Southeastern CT

Regional School District 10

Regional School District 13

Southeastern CT Region Related Service Providers

TEDx Wilmington

Weight Watchers of Maine

Westbrook Public Schools

The Williams School

UConn Health

UConn Storrs

United States Navy

Virginia Academy of School Psychologists

Client opinions

Melissa’s ability to quickly establish a relationship with a client is uncanny. She is an attentive listener who adeptly guides the discussion to a productive conclusion. She is able to adapt her approach across a wide variety of personalities in corporate cultures.

Melissa is a master of human behavior who can help guide you through the difficult path of employee relations and team building as well as personal development.

Melissa is the secret to how I lost 94 pounds!

Dr. Root answered many questions before they were asked.

Melissa took the time to answer questions very precisely. 

Dr. Root is very knowledgable.

Dr. Root’s demeanor and presentation skills were the key positive features of the sessions.