Root Success Solutions™ LLC maximizes human performance using state of the art tools. We offer executive coaching, leadership training, consulting on how to maximize video learning, and video self-modeling (uveo) services and trainings. We specialize in using uveo for weight loss, behavior problems, selective mutism, anxiety, eating challenges, autism, physical challenges, public speaking, and speech difficulties, including stuttering and stereotypies.


Started by an educational psychologist, our mission is to:

  • maximize human performance
  • increase quality of life
  • spread use of video self-modeling (uveo) worldwide

Video self-modeling

We proudly offer uveo, a video self-modeling tool that improves everything from anxiety to speaking and sports skills for preschoolers through adults. Please see our Video Self-Modeling Institute page to learn more. We provide individualized service as well as trainings and a professional certificate in video self-modeling. 

Video learning consultation

We consult with organizations on how to improve their video learning tools. We understand the human brain’s capacity to learn via video and advise organizations on how to craft their video trainings to optimize human learning.  

Executive Coaching

We provide confidential and trusted executive coaching for high level leaders. Our head coach, Dr. Melissa M. Root, is a behavioral expert with a wealth of experience and an outstanding listening ear who enjoys helping executives build their capacity. Meetings are provided in person and via skype, depending upon your needs. Contact Melissa at 860 – 389 – 8589 or root.success.solutions@gmail.com to schedule your initial 30 minute free session.

What is Uveo

Uveo improves human performance – fast. It’s accomplished through carefully created and edited videos of you yourself performing the behavior you want to incorporate into your life. The key is that the videos are edited to show only successful behaviors. It is a simple and highly effective tool based on video self-modeling.

Use of Uveo started in schools. Root Success Solutions™ is pioneering use of it in new industries, including sales, weight loss, and military. The possibilities are endless for how Uveo can improve human performance. Contact us today to learn more. 

We offer both direct service and professional trainings on Uveo. Get started today by contacting us at root.success.solutions@gmail.com or 860 – 389 – 8589. 


The guidebook Picture Perfect: Video Self-Modeling for Behavior Change is available through Pacific Northwest Publishing. This user-friendly book is designed for school-based professionals. Examples based on actual research across a variety of behaviors is included. Click on the book to the right to purchase your copy today!

Executive Coaching Services

We are proud to offer confidential and informative executive coaching to high level executives. We enjoy trusted relationships with our clients and help them develop and reach financial, social, health, and professional goals. It all begins by scheduling a free 30 minute call. Email us at root.success.solutions@gmail.com to schedule your call. We look forward to helping you define and reach your goals!

Uveo Examples

These are Uveo examples (video self-modeling) of how Uveo can be used with children with developmental disabilities. This first video is an overview of how to use Uveo with children. Notice how the videos are not complicated nor are they of Hollywood quality. They are simple videos created by teachers, speech language pathologists, school psychologists, and physical therapists who work directly with children. High quality production is not necessary in order to make fast, lasting change in behavior.

Uveo works equally as well with adults, but many adults do not wish to share their story with others. Thus the examples here are of children. However, Uveo has many applications for adults, including for weight loss, sales techniques,  and public speaking.

This is an example of using Uveo to teach communication with an alternative communication device.

This shows how to teach a child to answer “What” questions.

Uveo can also teach a child to raise their hand to answer questions in class.

Uveo helped this child eat a variety of foods.